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Technical Roll Forming. Economical Prices.


Manufacturing is the primary service offered by USA Production Parts, Inc. Our manufacturing includes, but not limited to Roll forming, Stamping and Assembly. We also offer secondary operations such as Stretch Bending of unique contours. USA also has built a reputation for the reforming of roll sections to produce a part, which was previously thought to be produced only by stamping. This method produces parts with less tooling cost, and produces parts with less material and labor, which translates into a better price for our customers.

Parts manufactured by USA fall under 2 categories: 1) Functional 2) Ornamental. The functional parts are usually structural or a substrate to other components. Such parts are: Door Frames, Glass Run Channel, Sliding Door Tracks, Weather Strip Retainer. The raw material for these parts may include cold roll steel, galvanized steel, martinsite, spring steel, or high strength alloys.

The ornamental or decorative parts may be front, side or rear window moldings, headlight and tail-light molding, body side molding and internal automotive components. These parts may be constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, bimetal, zinc alloy and brass.